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Travel Tips for Seniors

December 9, 2016


The mere thought of traveling with our older loved ones can strike fear in the hearts of even the bravest soul, but with the right preparation and some conviction, it can be done.  The tips and tricks complied in this article should provide you with the right tools to make the trip a breeze.


Start Your Trip Here:


First and foremost, always check with the family member’s physician to be sure that travel is recommended.  There may be underlying health issues that may prevent some forms of travel, for example:


According to the “Merck Manual”, patients with these conditions should refrain from flying.


Heart Conditions: Angina Pectoris, Hearth Rhythm Disturbances, or Heart Failure

Lung Disease: Lung Cysts, Severe Emphysema.


Of course there are many more ailments that might prevent air travel, but when these are present, it’s time to think of alternative modes of transportation. Trains, buses, cars, and boats could be used as replacements.


Almost there:


After consulting the physician for travel approval, the next step should be making a packing list.

It is important to remember that someone with particular medical needs should be as prepared as possible. Sometimes it is a lot like packing for a child.  Just think, when you travel with a child, you most likely always overpack for the off chance that something unexpected may occur.  Expect the unexpected!


Tips For Packing


Having a medication list will eliminate the possibility of leaving any behind.


If incontinence is present, be sure always pack more adult briefs than you would think are needed (you can never have too many).


Extra pillows come in handy when making someone more comfortable, and could play a role in supporting weak limbs if necessary.


Water and snacks will come in handy in situations where food may not be available.


Familiar books and music can ease the anxiety of travel.


All forms of identification required for particular modes of travel: Passports, Driver’s License, Discount cards, Handicap Placard (if applicable), Diabetes bracelet.


List of emergency contact numbers including those of the primary care physician and medical centers near the area of travel are also useful.


Thanks to our amazing Home Service Director and Home Service Specialist for the great tips!  We hope you find this information useful!


Based in Oak Park and operating throughout Chicagoland, ARIS at home is a family-owned provider of compassionate, quality in-home care. ARIS stands for Accountability, Respect, Integrity and Service. Online, visit www.arisathome.com, email: info@arisathome.com, or by Phone: 708-934-4676.

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